The refinery and Tank Farm project is a complex, large scale project that will require coordination, communication and collaboration across multiple teams. Also, project stakeholders are situated in 2 different countries and the geographical distance will add on to the complexity.

To ensure the successful implementation of the refinery and Petroleum tank farm project, it is critical to have a centralized project management office (PMO). This centralized PMO will work as the facilitator between executives, vendors, the on ground construction team, and other stakeholders to ensure smooth implementation.

PMO will provide the day to day support by utilizing cutting edge technology and best project management practices. In addition to the above responsibilities, PMO will also provide the marketing & sales services to promote the Afia petroleum products and market image.

The main PMO Office will be located in Houston, Texas and a regional office will be in Accra, Ghana to work closely with Afia Petroleum Resource Ltd.

The total number of employees for the PMO Ghana and PMO US will be approximately 60. Number of engineering construction team from the U.S will be approximately 156. The estimated number of Ghana workers that will benefit from such a project is conservatively estimated at around 1350 to include, engineers, construction workers, skilled labor and unskilled labor. Training program for various labor tasks will be instituted.


Statement of Work 

Centralized Project Management Office (PMO) will provide the following functions and deliverables:

  • Setup ‘Organizational Chart’ to identify the ‘Roles and Responsibility’
  • Establish the ‘Project Steering Committee’ and the ‘Working Group Committee’
  • Work with the vendors to provide the ‘Master Project Plan’ reflecting major deliverables, milestones, timelines and cost
  • Act as a liaison between the management, vendors, construction and other stake holders
  • Provide update on project status to the Steering Committee (weekly and monthly)
  • Identify cross team dependencies to avoid roadblocks
  • Identify and communicate project Risks and Issues to Steering Committee and the Working Group Team
  • Mitigate project risks and issues by enforcing the management decisions
  • Provide digital repository to keep track of project expenses and vendor invoices
  • Provide the monthly update on the project’s financial health
  • Monthly True-Up Reports (forecast vs. actuals)
  • Provide centralized repository for the documentation
  • Host and facilitate the project meetings
  • Provide day to day IT support to the project management team including but not limited to:
  • Issue company laptops to employee and vendors
  • Setup e-mail servers with the project domain (
  • Provide project share point
  • Provide project share drives (network storage)
  • Create project website to support sales and marketing
  • Provide all the software needed to support project teams
  • Setup accounting and general ledger system
  • Provide setup for vendors to submit and process invoices
  • Provide logistical and admin support to the Project Management Team.


Implementation Approach

  • Setup PMO office in Houston TX, USA
  • Setup PMO Regional Office in Accra, Ghana
  • Build IT infrastructure in Houston Office to support project team
  • Accra Office will take advantage of the Houston IT infrastructure
  • Provide training to Accra office team
  • Engage various vendors to kick-off project implementation
  • Monitor and report the project health on regular basis
  • Provide day to day IT and Logistical support to the project team
  • Transition the project from implementation phase to Operational phase
  • Continue to provide operational support