Marketing and Sales

The marketing and sales process for the tank farm Facility and Refinery
will have multiple domestic and international verticals. Our refinery would be the first private refinery focusing on the direct wholesale and retail Ghanaian market for both storage and sales of refined products.  This domestic success would lunch us easily into the West African market and then International market place.



The refinery and associated tank farm terminus has capacity to store two million ,nine hundred thousand barrels of oil.  The tank farm will include daily, monthly and multi-year storage agreements with both domestic and international petroleum companies.

The tank farm will be focused on maximizing the daily returns with comprehensive knowledge of the West African and global storage markets.  The tank farm success lies in its sophisticated and automated ability to quantify and regulate both crude and refined products in real-time. The tank farm would be monitored by state of the art cloud based, IT system managed 24/7/365 in Houston, TX, USA and Accra, Ghana, will
ensure that Afia Storage is always maximizing its storage potential and
sales revenues.

 Refined products Sales, Wholesale:

The Refinery will focus on its daily wholesale sales with off rack product offers at its Old Ningo location. The refinery will also be able to accommodate international customers with its state of the art, offshore, buoy system ready to load vessels waiting for refined product.

Refined product offers: 

  • Export Grade Naphtha
  • Diesel / AGO
  • Kerosene / Jet Fuel
  • Residual Fuel


Refined Sales, Retail:

Afia will incorporate a retail petro station at the Old Ningo storage and refinery location. This petro station will be the “pilot” retail location for Afia’s retail business. Afia believes that its long term global business success lies not only in storage, refining and wholesale sales, but further into the retail petro station vertical market.