Land Acquisition

For the purpose of this project, we have acquired a 90 acre land, which has been documented and demarcated.  Another 205 acre of additional land is awaiting acquisition completion and related documentation. The project would be registered as a Free Zone Enterprise and in this respect is obliged to export at least 70% of its products.   The target export market is the West Africa sub-region where many of the countries do not have sufficient refinery capacity.



In reference to EPA license number CE;2758/01/05, Afia Petroleum has been granted a permit to build and operate an oil refinery and tank farm terminus in Old Ningo, Ghana.  Envirometal Impact Assessment studies and required documentation has been submitted and successfully approved.  Afia awaits the formal certificate from EPA.



National Petroleum Authority(NPA) –  NPA granted first ever private refinery construction permit in Ghana to Afia Petroleum Resource Limited. This information can be verified with letter reference no. NPA/IML/ALP/01/12


Free Trade Zone – Afia Petroleum is actively working with the Free Trade Zone under the application reference no. B.1002/13/31  to obtain free trade zone manufacturing license to operate petroleum refinery at Old Ningo and tank farm terminus. Principally GFZB agreed to issue this license contingent upon start of operations.